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data cleansing deduplication

Data Cleansing Deduplication software

how does deduplication work?

A core service when data cleansing is deduplication often referred to as dedupe and similarly data scrubbing. At Data Cleansing Services we offer a quick and flexible data deduplication service enabling us to process your information promptly to find repetitive data present in your files.

Our extensive data cleaning experience means identifying duplicate data doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, manual process.

Data that has been manually updated over a long period of time is a common cause of duplication. As a result, duplicate information about the same customer is stored multiple times.

Incorrectly combined data sets cause problems too, and can require several advanced data cleansing tools to correct the data.

Deduplication types

individual deduplication

deduplication best practices

Using a reliable, accurate data cleansing service on a regular basis is fundamental to the end result. Just as important, however, is the correct data cleansing steps are followed and more crucially, in the correct order.

Cleaning your data at regular intervals will ultimately improve the service you offer customers and reduce customer complaints; however, having an effective data cleansing strategy is key to your success. Would you like to contact your data at individual or household level? for instance.

It is important to think about what you want to achieve beforehand. It will save you time and money also.

In addition, a well thought out strategy can help carefully track customer communication and their responses.

Who are we and how can we help?

As one of the top data cleansing companies in the UK, we always offer the best advice not the most expensive.

In addition to our data cleaning service, we also offer data manipulation, data enrichment, and data suppression services.

With a broad understanding of the direct marketing process we can help you achieve first-rate results. We provide clear and concise reporting broken down by data source or categories.

That in depth knowledge and experience, enables us to provide real insight into data deduplication. Your files will be transformed into a precise set of information and produce better outcomes for your campaign.

Consequently, your information can be processed correctly, safe in the knowledge you will have far more accurate data, rather than an obsolete and dated database.

data dedupe
Stand out from the crowd with our deduplication service

Our Deduplication Software

Developed over many years, our dedupe software is flexible enough for any deduplication project large or small. As a result, the demands of your data cleansing plan are realised and more often than not, exceeded.

Our data deduplication techniques, and flexibility means your end results will be improved while also helping to improve your decision-making process.

Identifying duplicate information, or ‘dupes’ within your contact data file is vital if you are to maintain an accurate data set.

It also helps maximise your return on investment by eliminating unnecessary costs at each of the data cleaning stages.

Our data cleansing dedupe process and advanced data cleansing tools ensure you start your marketing campaign with an optimised data set.

Data integrity and data compliance are much easier to police if data is kept consistent and complete. Above all, it needs precise and careful thought, double checking and if necessary further refinement for optimal data efficiency.

Advantages – Data Deduplication Service

Remove existing customers from new prospect data through stop lists or hierarchy

Give a higher or lower priority for each data source – keep your preferred record

Reduce other data cleansing costs and improve ROI by contacting only unique records in your database

Create a merged database of all your different data sets

Need a Data Cleansing Consultant?

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Data Cleansing

REduce costs with clean data

Data Cleansing should be performed often to improve data quality and reduce costs. The foundation for successful data cleansing is regular data analysis, such as a data audit.

Auditing your files will identify the root cause of your spreadsheet or database issues, helping to focus on the relevant problem. Each data cleanse cost can then be plainly seen within each segment of your information.

data cleansing solutions

First of all, data is only useful if it is correct and up-to-date. For example, it is quite common for information to be data captured into a database incorrectly. Also, multiple data sources can be merged together badly, creating formatting issues, for instance.

Reputable data cleansing companies will create a plan to resolve any issues found in the data quality check. Further steps can then be made to return higher quality data.

Additional data enhancements can be made confidently due to the insight acquired during the data cleaning process. Appending additional information now becomes possible.

Your data our tools

When our comprehensive data cleansing suppression service produces a match it can be broken down by the corresponding list it matched up with.

Our advanced Data deduplication or dedupe methods can also be refined. Assign preference to a higher calibre list – keep your favoured record. Additionally, reporting can show match rate by source too.

Large data sets by their very nature can never be perfect as they are constantly evolving. However, successful data scrubbing means inspecting data at regular intervals to make certain that you maximise your data set and minimise the costs of your campaign.

Your customers are far more likely to respond to data that generates a clean, tidy and correctly addressed postal or email communication than badly formatted data with missing names or address parts.

Data Cleansing
Data Improvement Service – Accurate Data

data cleansing guide [updated 2022]

To help you understand the current health of your data and offer you a complete data cleaning solution, we will;

  • Provide a confidentiality and processing agreement for protection under GDPR
  • Securely transfer your data to us for processing
  • Perform a free data audit to evaluate your data
  • Implement which data improvement services you choose
  • Provide data quality assurance and assessment
  • Supply an exact data cleansing cost for each stage of processing
  • Data is processed as per your instructions
  • Final data cleansing report returned with any data processing notes
  • Data Securely returned to you

Regardless of how your data is stored we have a data cleanse solution. Our data scrubbing process will help safeguard your reputation and potential damage to your brand.

We can merge all your separate data into a single, common format. Similarly, existing data can be split and formatted for a new data structure.

We offer guidance but want to work with you. Above all, our aim is to return a usable file fit for purpose. Data will be cleaned around the framework and rules you provide at the beginning.

data cleansing deceased

Contacting deceased people is a pointless exercise. It serves no purpose other than to annoy and cause upset. Relatives of the deceased then also have to deal with the insensitive communication – this cannot be good!

Screening deceased data when cleaning your database is therefore a no-brainer and a good practice when you need data quality improvements.

We have access to all of the foremost deceased registers. Data is screened against these with a choice of suppressing or flagging data.

Goneaway suppression

When moving home, contacting each and every company we have a relationship with does not always happen. Often, only bank and energy companies get told.

This makes your data less effective because you now have their previous address. However, when using our Movers address update in conjunction with our data suppression files, these goneaways can sometimes be identified.

We then provide a new address that further enhances your data standard. Hence, you also keep in contact with valued customers.

B2B data cleansing (prospects and customers)

Business relies on clean and orderly data to ensure their target audience is correct (prospects) and that currently held data (customers) is up-to-date and as enriched as possible.

From your initial campaign concept and marketing strategy through to the final data analysis, a hygienic business dataset is your most essential tool.

A clinical, methodical and most importantly, perfectly executed B2B data cleansing strategy is vital to gain maximum return from your dataset.

At Data Cleansing Services we will perform a B2B data audit and highlight the most important areas where improvement is possible.

B2B data and GDPR (B2B Marketing)

If you are undertaking marketing activities GDPR will apply if you can identify any individual within your database.

To give you an idea, even if all your records were defaulted to ‘The Marketing Manager’ but you have an email address for them that contains their initials and surname, GDPR still applies.

Flagging Business data

Depending on the size of your database, whether you store it in a CRM or simple excel or access file, it can make a big difference to how you need your data processed.

A large dataset will probably require data to be flagged rather than removed or suppressed as you might need to track that old data, or have an audit trail for it.

A smaller database can be flagged too but if a budget it tight sometimes data suppression can be a better solution.

If you are unsure we can help. Call us for advice on 01255 761 188.

Marketing budget costs

The impact on your marketing budget is huge. The short term, immediate savings can be substantial with reduced mailing costs an obvious benefit.

Longer-term savings are highly likely when data is checked regularly. Response rates will also increase as the data continues to be refined after the initial data cleanse.

data management

Poor data can be made to work to your advantage. How?

  • Duplicate records can be used to create a data stoplist
  • After cleaning CRM data merge discarded records to create a single customer view
  • Scan removed records and further improve data still in your database. For instance, numeric values in text fields. Check remaining dataset for similar records and correct

Helpful Data resources

Need more information about the best approach to data management and customer engagement?

We recommend taking a look at the A respected authority with useful data compliance advice and a recognised industry resource.

Further benefits data cleansing

  • Data analysis is more informed because flawed data can no longer influence statistics
  • Redundant data can be removed, or in some instances kept as a stopfile when deduping
  • Reformat all your different data to a uniform data structure, making querying easier
  • pinpoint data that is missing or superfluous to requirement
  • Save wasted man hours by reducing the need to manually correct data
  • Transform bad data into a valuable asset

What is data cleansing and migration?

Data cleansing and data migration are almost always used in conjunction with each other. Cleaning dirty data before you migrate your current database into a new format or CRM, is crucial in preventing potential problems further down the line.

Batch processing your data using our advanced cleaning tools will help verify and validate your data set by purging unreliable information, guaranteeing it won’t be transferred to your new database.

In order to avoid incomplete or missing information within your new database, it will prove beneficial to create a clear data cleaning plan to decrease the chances of errors creeping into your data.

data cleansing-The importance of preparation

If your data set has been verified before committing to a data migration, it will be far more likely to be fit purpose and can therefore confidently be transferred to a new system or format.

In summary, preparing data before undertaking any data migration project is essential. Accurate data cleansing requires careful thought, but also knowledge of advanced data cleanse techniques and best data cleansing practices to achieve the absolute maximum result possible.

Our data cleansing bureau service will help you avoid the common mistakes and pitfalls data migration causes while also providing a point of reference for your data cleansing project.

data quality assessment

Our aim is complete transparency when you trust us to cleanse your valuable data. We take those responsibilities, and the trust you place in us, with the utmost seriousness.

To take advantage of our free data health check and highlight potential errors that will reduce your return on investment, contact us today.

How about a free data audit or give us a call on 01255 761 188

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Address Cleaning

Royal Mail PAF Database

Address cleansing processes include checking your data against the Postal Address File, also known as the PAF database. This data cleansing option allows us to access every address record in the UK and includes all address elements including; town, county, and full postcodes.

As part of our free data quality appraisal we check your address data against this comprehensive database for incomplete or partial addresses.

Each part of the address can be verified and if necessary, updated.

data cleansing address cleaning
Data Cleansing Address Correction.

Combined with our data cleansing tools, this address correction service will ensure that when the enhanced data is returned to you, it has a correctly formatted postcode, town and county.

Returning Corrected Address Data

After your data cleanse is complete, our data cleansing team can return a clean file that is ready to mail. We can even help you format your clean address file for print, if needed.

Alternatively, we can return an updated file with a ‘flag’ or indicator field so you can update your own CRM. Clean address data is only useful if you can take advantage of it.

Whatever your requirements we are happy to help and provide useful advice however we can.

Address Cleansing advantages

Accurate data means greater postal discount

Stay in constant communication with your customers

Fulfil your GDPR compliance obligations by maintaining an accurate database

Lower costs with reduced printing volumes of your mailing piece

Correct address data will be more structured with a uniform format

Our Data Cleansing Approach

We know address data is vitally important to your business. Therefore, our data cleansing team will always strive to help and offer guidance wherever possible.

For instance, we provide a full report that will breakdown your data into region, by postcode, town or other geographical type, advising where and how further address cleansing improvements could be made.

Good data cleansing advice is our main goal, and not how many different services we can sell you.

To speak with one of our expert team today, call us on 01255 761 188. Or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you at your convenience.

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