Data Cleansing

REduce your costs with clean data

Data Cleansing should be performed often to improve data quality and reduce costs. The foundation for cleansing success is regular data analysis, such as a data audit.

Auditing your files will identify the root cause of your spreadsheet or database issues, helping to focus on the relevant problem. Cleanse costs can then be clearly seen in each segment of your information.

data cleansing solutions

First of all, data is only useful if it is correct and up-to-date. It is quite common for information to be data captured into a database incorrectly. Also, multiple data sources can be merged together badly creating formatting issues, for instance.

Reputable data cleansing companies will create a plan to resolve any issues found in the data quality check. Further steps can then be made to return higher quality data.

Additional data enhancements can be made confidently due to the insight acquired during the data cleaning process. Appending additional information now becomes possible.

Your data our tools

When our comprehensive data cleansing suppression service produces a match it can be broken down by the corresponding list it matched up with.

Our advanced Data deduplication or dedupe methods can also be refined. Assign preference to a higher calibre list – keep your favoured record. Reporting will show match rate by source too.

Large data sets by their very nature can never be perfect as they are constantly evolving. However, successful data scrubbing means inspecting data at regular intervals to make certain that you maximise your data set and minimise the costs of your campaign.

Your customers are far more likely to respond to data that generates a clean, tidy and correctly addressed postal or email communication than badly formatted data with missing names or address elements.

Data Cleansing
Data Improvement Service – Accurate Data

data cleansing process

To help you understand the current health of your data we will provide a free data audit.

Regardless of how your data is stored we have a data cleanse solution. Our data scrubbing process will help safeguard your reputation and potential damage to your brand.

We can merge all your separate data into a single, common format. Similarly, data can be split and formatted for a new data structure. We offer guidance but want to work with you. Above all, our aim is to return a usable file fit for purpose.

data cleansing deceased

Contacting deceased people is a pointless exercise. It serves no purpose other than to annoy and cause upset. Relatives of the deceased then also have to deal with the insensitive communication – this cannot be good!

Screening deceased data when cleaning your database is therefore a no-brainer and a good practice when you need data quality improvements.

We have access to all of the foremost deceased registers. Data is screened against these with a choice of suppressing or flagging data.

Goneaway suppression

When moving home, contacting each and every company we have a relationship with does not always happen. Often, only bank and energy companies get told.

This makes your data less effective because you now have their previous address. However, when using our Movers address update in conjunction with our data suppression files, these goneaways can sometimes be identified.

We then provide a new address that further enhances your data standard. Hence, you also keep in contact with valued customers.

Marketing budget costs

The impact on your marketing budget is huge. The short term, immediate savings can be substantial with reduced mailing costs an obvious benefit.

Longer-term savings are highly likely when data is checked regularly. Response rates will also increase as the data continues to be refined after the initial data cleanse.

Further benefits data cleansing

Data analysis is more informed because flawed data can no longer influence statistics

Redundant data can be removed, or in some instances kept as a stopfile when deduping

Reformat all your different data to a uniform data structure, making querying easier

pinpoint data that is missing or superfluous to requirement

Save wasted man hours by reducing the need to manually correct data

Transform bad data into a valuable asset

data quality assessment

Our aim is complete transparency when you trust us to cleanse your valuable data. We take those responsibilities, and the trust you place in us, with the utmost seriousness.

To take advantage of our free data health check and highlight potential errors that will reduce your return on investment, contact us today.

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