Address Cleaning

Royal Mail PAF Database

Address cleansing processes include checking your data against the Postal Address File, also known as the PAF database. This data cleansing option allows us to access every address record in the UK and includes all address elements including; town, county, and full postcodes.

As part of our free data quality appraisal we check your address data against this comprehensive database for incomplete or partial addresses.

Each part of the address can be verified and if necessary, updated.

data cleansing address cleaning
Data Cleansing Address Correction.

Combined with our data cleansing tools, this address correction service will ensure that when the enhanced data is returned to you, it has a correctly formatted postcode, town and county.

Returning Corrected Address Data

After your data cleanse is complete, our data cleansing team can return a clean file that is ready to mail. We can even help you format your clean address file for print, if needed.

Alternatively, we can return an updated file with a ‘flag’ or indicator field so you can update your own CRM. Clean address data is only useful if you can take advantage of it.

Whatever your requirements we are happy to help and provide useful advice however we can.

Address Cleansing advantages

Accurate data means greater postal discount

Stay in constant communication with your customers

Fulfil your GDPR compliance obligations by maintaining an accurate database

Lower costs with reduced printing volumes of your mailing piece

Correct address data will be more structured with a uniform format

Our Data Cleansing Approach

We know address data is vitally important to your business. Therefore, our data cleansing team will always strive to help and offer guidance wherever possible.

For instance, we provide a full report that will breakdown your data into region, by postcode, town or other geographical type, advising where and how further address cleansing improvements could be made.

Good data cleansing advice is our main goal, and not how many different services we can sell you.

To speak with one of our expert team today, call us on 01255 761 188. Or use our contact form and we’ll get back to you at your convenience.