data cleansing-suppression

how data suppression works

A thorough data cleansing strategy must include data suppression.

Data Suppression means checking your data file against specific lists to check for deceased or goneaway matches. Or in other words, people who have passed away or no longer live at the address you have for them.

In the event a match is found, there are two data cleanse options;

Cleanse option 1-Suppress the data

In short, the suppressing data option means completely removing the record from your file. This has the benefit of guaranteeing your ‘mail file’ will not include any of these records.

Provided that the data has been cleaned up with our other data cleanse methods, a further benefit is the data is potentially ready to be mailed immediately.

Cleanse option 2-Flag data

To summarise, the ‘flag data’ option is simply adding a marker to your file, therefore showing which individual records a match has been found for.

The advantages with this type of data suppression are firstly, your ability to highlight these matches on your own database.

In addition to this, these records can also be used as a future stopfile to double check they are not added back from another data source.

For more useful data compliance legislation visit The Information Commissioner’s Office.


Flag or suppress deceased matches. This is an essential data cleansing exercise for the purposes of protecting your reputation and avoiding distress.

Goneaway check

Companies move to new premises and individuals move home frequently. Therefore, it is critical to remove goneaway records from your data. This is fundamental when cleaning data .

Suppressing goneaways when cleaning data also saves you money with lower mailing costs and wasteage.

Furthermore, printing costs will be reduced and because you will need fewer expensive mailing pieces, further savings can be made.

Movers latest address details

If your customer moves to a new home, our data cleansing address refresh and forward service is an ideal way to keep your data accurate and as clean as possible. Consequently, fewer, expensive mailing pieces end up in the bin.

Start reducing your mail costs today. For more information about our data suppression service call us on 01255 761 188