Deceased Screening

Identifying deceased records requires a data cleansing service called deceased screening also known as deceased suppression.

Validation of individual deceased records is an important detail to the overall success of your marketing campaign. If this crucial service is overlooked your brand will undoubtedly suffer damage.

Deceased Screening Explained

Deceased screening or deceased suppression is processed on a ‘per match’ basis.

Unlike other data cleansing services that are charged per thousand records processed, you only pay for individual deceased records identified during our data audit.

how we match your deceased records

Deceased individuals should be matched by firstname and surname where available. Initial and surname can be used too. Both approaches also check the address to ensure accuracy.

Data Suppression deceased screening
Data Suppression Services Including Deceased Screening

deceased registers we use

The Bereavement register

Verified by the bereaved themselves, this deceased data source has details of individuals that have passed away dating back to 2000.

This is a highly regarded list that requires a deceased certificate number, full name and date of birth details.

Funeral homes, hospices and hospitals often provide details of this service directly to the bereaved. Updated on a monthly basis, makes it a reliable deceased suppression file.


Updated weekly with more than 50,000 records per month, this deceased suppression source is a reliable validation tool when checking for people that have passed away.

Containing nearly 11 million records this is a premier source of data suppression.

Deceased data includes probate, funeral homes and insurance companies. Registrations are also filled out from bereaved families.

National deceased register

No assumed data is allowed and multiple data sources are used to authenticate deceased individuals making this deceased suppression list highly accurate.

Updated on a monthly basis, The National Deceased Register now contains over 6 million records meaning you can identify deceased records in your database with ease.

Why should i use deceased screening?

  • Clean data prevents brand damage
  • Prevent obvious distress to bereaved relatives
  • Reduce costs by removing surplus data
  • Create your own stoplist of ‘bad records’ with our help
  • Improve your ROI
  • Environmental impact is reduced with less waste