Free data audit

Our free data audit will identify data cleansing errors and problem areas within your database. This will help you focus on data improvements where they are needed and provide you with an exact cost for data cleansing.

Consumer data

Consumer data is comprised of individuals including their home address and other personal contact details. These include email, home telephone and mobile numbers.

It is possible some sole traders and small companies are also included because they are more than likely using their home address for business too.

free data audit
Free Data Audit

Your consumer audit will report and advise on the following data cleansing services

Deceased screening

Goneaway records

Total duplicate records

Address cleaning options

Email address check

House mover database

Business data

Advantages of our free data audit service

As an independent data cleansing company we have access to all industry recognised data cleansing lists and can therefore offer the best advice to each client when we inspect each file.

Because we have no incentive to use a particular list, our bespoke data cleansing service can fine tune your audit depending on your preferences.

For example, we have several customers that prefer to only use well established lists like the Royal Mail NCOA suppress database to identify goneaways – people who have moved house.

In this instance we can make sure only this list is used for our goneaway service. Of course we offer further advice where we feel it is necessary so our clients can gain a better understanding of the whole cleansing process