goneaway suppression (Advanced Data Cleansing guide)

Goneaway suppression files are used to keep your data current by checking individuals address details are up-to-date.

This data cleansing option is called goneaway suppression or goneaway screening.

How goneaway suppression works

Your database contacts and their address details are checked against special data suppression files (below).

When a match is found that record can be suppressed from your database of flagged if you want to mark the record on your CRM.

advantages of data suppression

  • Increase database accuracy by highlighting incorrect data
  • Protect your marketing budget by reducing mailing costs
  • Prevent additional work dealing with postal returns
  • Targeted records with a one time suppression cost – Equals future postal savings

business and consumer data

Goneaway suppression is used for both B2B and consumer data. Contact names are also utlised to identify private individuals that have moved house.

Businesses that are no longer trading can be identified through their address details.