telephone preference service

The Telephone Preference Service (TPS) is an online register collated and maintained by the Direct Marketing Association (DMA). It is an effective data cleansing tool.

It’s primary objective is to ensure consumers, such as Individuals, Sole Traders and Partnerships do not receive uninvited calls.

Scotland is excluded from checks for partnerships under the Telephone Preference Service, but legislation in the Corporate Telephone Preference is applicable here.

your TPs obligations

Legally you must check your telephone numbers against the TPS. Failure to do will make you legally accountable with significant fines possible.

The Information Commissioner’s Office act on a report from the Telephone Preference Service, only after they have investigated initial complaints.

Complaints can also be made directly to the Information Commissioner’s Office and in these instances they will conduct their own investigations and take whatever actions they deem necessary.

Telephone Preference TPS CTPS
Data Cleansing Services Telephone Preference TPS and CTPS

Calling your existing customers

If your customers have given explicit permission they are happy for you to continue contacting them by telephone, you have legal permission to continue calling them.

Prospect telemarketing

Prospects data files must be screened in their entirety if you intend to perform a telemarketing campaign.

Every 28 days data must be checked against the TPS or CTPS to allow for new registrations to be included.

Corporate Telephone Preference service

The CTPS is very similar to the TPS register. However, rather than applying to individuals it includes corporate bodies and limited companies of all types. It also includes school or hospitals, for instance.

These regulations encompass England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Scotland’s exemption for contacting partnerships under the regular TPS is applicable here.

How we can help

Data cleansing and data suppression are the essence of what we do. Our data cleansing tools will ensure you submit only unique telephone numbers when screening your data, hence reducing your data processing costs.