Email Address Cleaning

Email Address Cleaning
Email Address Cleaning

Email Data Cleaning

How to clean email?

Cleaning email address data should be an integral part of your overall data cleansing routine. Since the introduction of GDPR, ensuring data compliance is achieved is not only expected, but required due to regulation.

As a result of this regulation, email address data and postal address data, in fact, any personal data, must be kept as up-to-date as possible.

Email validation should therefore form a vital part of your data cleaning routine. To make certain your data is kept accurate, we will check your email address data for irregularities and flag which addresses should not be contacted.

We can even reformat well known, common errors. For instance, is the email address structure correct? is the domain capable of receiving communication?

Outdated information is the primary reason companies lose contact with their valuable customers. Therefore, cleaning your email address data should be high up your data cleansing checklist.

Email Marketing cleaning Options

Email Address Cleaning Service
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Email Syntax and Structure Check

Checks the structure of the email address and the characters that are allowed such as ‘@’ symbol. Consequently, the recipient can actually receive your communication.

Email Domain Check

Checks the domain name is actually capable of receiving email. It will also check for ‘catch all’ and ‘spam’. Another benefit is reducing your bounce rates further while inevitably increasing your ROI and improving your final results.

GDPR Email Marketing

GDPR came into effect on May 25th, 2018, but this doesn’t mean any data you hold before this date is exempt from GDPR Regulation.

If there is any ambiguity about whether you have the consent needed, you will have to acquire explicit permission from the contacts in your data to continue contacting them. It is also important you provide an unsubscribe option to them that is simple and transparent.

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