Data Cleaning Costs

How much to clean my data?

Data Cleaning Costs are based on the data cleaning service you require. Our aim is to ensure full transparency when we provide you with a quote.

Our free data audit will analyse costs by the type of data cleaning service you require.

Data scrubbing or data cleaning can sometimes be complex. Sometimes, though, it can be relatively straight forward when you know how. In these instances we are always willing to be flexible on price if and when we can.

Why do data cleaning costs vary?

A good example is our deduplication service as it can check a single file or multiple files at the same time. However, both processes differ in complexity.

When performing a dedupe on multiple files the job is inevitably more complex, hence the price will be different. This is why we always suggest you call us so we can provide you with guidance, and more than likely give you some ideas to improve the general health of your data too.

In contrast to deduplication which is charged on a per thousand records basis, data suppression services, such as goneaway and deceased screening are charged on a per record matched basis so you only pay for the records we match to your database.

I have a tight budget can you help?

Yes. Focusing your expenditure where it is most needed will help your budget stay on track. In particular, we can help advise the best way to keep your data cleaning expense to a minimum by highlighting the portions of your data needing the most urgent attention.

Our bespoke data cleaning service have simple objectives. Provide value for our customers, data suitable for your purposes and a quality service.

No data setup or hidden data cleanse charges

We have no setup or other hidden charges when we cleanse your data. All of our prices also include access to an account manager as a point of contact for your job. It also ensures we can advise you of any data errors we find during your data cleanse, allowing us to set out potential solutions to keep your data as up-to-date as possible.

Call us on 01255 761 188 to discover how we can reduce your data cleaning costs while providing an improved data set.