Data Cleansing FAQ’S

What is data cleansing and why is it important?

Data cleansing is a key tool for maintaining the validity of data in your database. In order to minimise the deterioration of your data, it is essential to regularly clean data to screen it for errors and closely monitor your information.

What is data cleansing and enrichment?

Cleaning data and data enrichment are closely related. Appending additional information, such as telephone and email addresses is one form of data enrichment. Another type of enrichment is removing deceased and suppressing goneaway records, removing duplicates and correcting addresses. Although this falls under the data cleanse category it also helps improve your current data, hence supplementing the data you already have.

What different methods are used for data cleaning?

The data cleansing process involves us using bespoke data cleanse software to extract or flag bad data like duplicates.